Our Roots

We believe the line between skiing and snowboarding has been blurred, the rivalry has faded. We support the new culture of com-RAD-ery between skiers and boarders, where creating your own style and having fun on the mountain is more important than how you get down it. Riding is about expressing yourself and having a rad time with friends. It’s about pushing yourself to new limits and making it your own. Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, the mountain changes your identity. We want to be a part of your transformation.

Outerwear For Your Face

The outerwear that you rock on the hill has been designed with comfort AND functionality in mind, we think your facemask should too. So we took some of the best tech your outerwear has to offer and applied it to our facemasks.

We don’t just make facemasks, we make OUTERWEAR FOR YOUR FACE.

Our Beginning

Wilow Facewear was founded in 2007. It all began with our passion for riding and the simple idea of developing a better facemask for skiers and snowboarders alike. Our first masks were sketchy but we rode them anyway and constantly figured out ways to improve them. Five years and a bunch of prototypes later we’ve come up with a technical outerwear facemask to better enjoy riding no matter where you are, seshing rails in the Midwest or slashing pow in the Rockies.

Want to carry Wilow? Send us an email: sales@wilowfacewear.com

Questions or just want to give a shout?: info@wilowfacewear.com